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Affordable Online Marketing

No two businesses or budgets are alike, so we offer a range of options that you can tailor to suit your needs. With our FREE assessment of your current marketing and with our help you can spot the weaknesses in your marketing and we can address them.

No Long-term Contracts

No contracts to bind you to a payment for a year, two years or five years like other companies. You can opt out any time or even suspend your marketing if you are going through a lean period. Financing allows even more flexibility.

Personal Account Representative

Each of our clients has a personal account representative assigned to them. This means if you have a question or changes that need to be made you can call them directly - their cell phone number is provided to you for an immediate response.

Referral Sites

We have a number of sites of our own that locals search for products and services. These are portals that link directly to your website. Any of our packages include FREE listings on these sites and increases your reach many times over.

No-Cost Guarantee

No other marketing company offers a no-cost guarantee. If you don't see an improvement in your online positioning after 90 days, we will not charge you until you do - This is our guarantee to you. Your satisfaction is critical to our services.

Website Design Financing

Many businesses hesitate to develop or improve their websites because of the cost. We routinely finance our customers over 6 or 12 months for as low as 0% interest. We want you to be successful so we can help you build your business now.

Any Time Any Change Guarantee

Whether your marketing needs a change of direction, you have address and contact changes or you require changes to your website that we designed, we guarantee to take care of those changes immediately and FREE - We Guarantee it.

1:1 Marketing Credit Matching after 6 months

After you have been with us for 6 months on any monthly contract, we will match your marketing credits 1:1 which doubles the marketing effort for your business. This offer will double the business you can expect from your online efforts.

17 years in San Antonio!

About Phiskal.

Small to medium sized business marketing specialists. Website design in the San Antonio area and beyond.

We take a structured, intelligent and informed approach when marketing your business online. With over 17 years experience in San Antonio, we know how your business can compete against the thousands of businesses vying for your customers online.

Some of our customers have come to us after spending $1000's on unsuccessful campaigns. If you have tried and failed with online marketing then we can help bring your presence back and help you achieve online success. Build your team with us.

  • Online Marketing with Search Engines, Social Networks and more.
  • Website design, development and optimization, creating your online store.
  • Optimizing and correcting information that may already exist online.
  • Educating your staff to use online sales. "Teach a man to fish."

Online success exists in unique marketing strategies, not repeating what your competitor is doing.

It's discouraging when you see all the local links that appear when you type in the keywords that apply to your business. How is your business going to appear within that list and where will it appear? Who will see your listing when there are so many others?

We see this every day and we have developed our methods from facing these challenges. First page positioning on search engines is only one of the challenges but not the only way to get business. Our approach deals with this challenge but we also know that business comes from links to these first page sites.

The internet is filled with site links to businesses such as yours and sites that recommend and send business to sites such as yours. The key is to create these links and to check them regularly, updating them with new information and news about your business. We don't rely on SEO we create networks that bring your business to your target demographic.

We will custom design a marketing program for your website to match your budget. Every month you can decide to push up your efforts or to reduce them. After 6 months we will match your marketing credits 1:1 in effect doubling your buying power. We can modify your marketing every month with new products, services or special offers at no extra cost to you. With Phiskal the control is always in your hands.
We give ourselves a window of 90 days for effective measurable results. We start with researching your current position on search engines and create a report that you can see. Then we start work as a team. There will be things that you can do to support our efforts and we will put in 100% so that results come in as soon as possible. We guarantee results and if you find that progress is not being made we will not charge you for our efforts until we do get results.
We pride ourselves on being upfront with what we can and cannot do. Without an effective optimized site there is little that can be done with online marketing. We can develop a single page, three page or six page site to minimize your cost but the real test of our faith in our services is this. We can develop a complete web presence that will boost your marketing and finance it over 6/12 months depending on the cost. At 0% interest we can help you succeed.

Get your FREE report!

FREE online positioning Report.

Get a FREE report on where you appear on search engines, accuracy of your information and more. No obligation.

Before you consider even speaking to us we would want you to know exactly where your business stands online. So here's what we are offering.

Complete the information on the form and hit send. We will take this information and work on a comprehensive status report, showing where your business marketing stands online.

There is no obligation to engage our services or to buy anything from us. This is a FREE service that we are providing so that you can see what your current marketing is doing for you and whether you need us to help you in any way.

You'll perhaps be surprised at what your online marketing dollars are doing for you. Because of how much data we need to go through in order to produce your report, it may take 24-48hrs to get to you.

Ask about our $1 per day Fundamentals Package!

Phiskal Processes


The first job is always to assess where we currently stand with regard to SEO. We run reports and use our proprietary software to check out how your site can be found. If you don't have a site we assess what information is available about your business.

Information Accuracy

We also need to find the basic information about your business and gauge it's accuracy. Does the internet have the correct contact information about your business, your address and the products or services that you offer.

Device & Browser Compatibility

If you have a website, it is important that we check the compatibility with current devices being used to look at your information. Is your site readable on phones, tablets and on the range of browsers that the various devices use.

Referral Sites

Often, more business comes to you from referral sites than from actual search engines. If you are a restaurant then from sites like Yelp or sites like the State Bar if you are an attorney. They should contain the most current information available.


It is a critical part of the process to optimize your site for speed, appearance and leading the visitor to a place where they can respond to you. Your interaction with a potential client starts here. A good impression is critical and the opportunity comes just once.

Search Engines

Search engines have Artificial Intelligence processes that read and assess your website for relevance and accuracy. We designed our own to check each link and each piece of information so we know how it appears to them.


Nothing alienates search engines more than broken or inaccurate links. Whether they are links going from you to other sites or coming from other sites to you. With our proprietary software each one is checked for accuracy and for keyword relevance.

Social Networks +

Word of mouth or the internet equivalent, the social networks, goes a long way towards making the community aware of your existence. In addition, good or great reviews pave the way for more visitors leading to more customers.

Let's Work Together!


Affordable Website Design

We looked around San Antonio for the best website designers and found them.

Phiskal stayed on budget- Phil Garcia

Best Online Marketing

Our market is South Texas and Phiskal helped us with links to every small town.

Met online marketing goals- Helen Sykes

SEO, Social Networks & More

Phiskal improved our position on Google which increased the number of inquiries online.

SEO worked for us- C. Rodgers

Best marketing results

San Antonio sales were beginning to dip so we needed a new website and marketing.

Phiskal financed a new website- Cristal Salazar

Marketing my website

We had an expensive new website but no marketing. Phiskal tweaked it for San Antonio.

Stuck with our limited budget- Erika Garza

Best! Website design and marketing

We recommend Phiskal to anyone who wants to see results for their money.

Value for money- John Soto

100's + Happy Clients!